Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Farewell to Conan O’Brien

Unless you live under a rock, or are my mother, you’ve no doubt heard that this is the final week for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. It’s not a complete tragedy, since Conan will be back on TV in June hosting The Tonight Show at the earlier hour of 11:30, but it will mean the end of random Conan sightings here in New York since he’ll be moving to LA, and the end of certain juvenile (yet hilarious) bits from his Late Night show (somehow I doubt masturbating bears and dog puppets that threaten to poop on everything are allowed on The Tonight Show).

Luckily, I got to attend a taping of Late Night a couple of years ago. The guests he had for that episode weren’t the most exciting: Darryl Hammond from SNL, Andrew W.K. (who I thought was some sort of musician, but talked about some motivational speaking tour he was on), and an emo goth band that I’ve already forgotten the name of. But Conan was just as bizarre and hilarious in real life as he is on TV, and all the audience members got Late Night with Conan O’Brien t-shirts with “Audience Member” stitched onto the sleeve, which comes in handy. That way, if someone were to see my shirt and stop me to say, “OMG, were you on Late Night with Conan O’Brien?!”, before I started waxing poetic about how I was a guest on the show and am kind of a big deal, I would only have to glance at my sleeve to confirm that, “No, I was just an audience member.” Embarrassing situation avoided!

And yes, Conan is actually about nine feet tall in real life. And about seven of those feet are all leg.

So farewell Late Night, have a safe move out west Mr. O’Brien, and I look forward to seeing what you do on The Tonight Show (lord knows you can’t make it any lamer than it is now).

For your enjoyment, here’s one of my favorite Conan moments: The Walker, Texas Ranger lever.

Conan O'Brien and Walker Texas Ranger

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