Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things I Learned from Avenue Q

It was recently announced that after a six-year run on Broadway, the raunchy puppet musical Avenue Q will be closing on September 13. While it’s sad to see such a brilliantly funny show close, it did have a great run and is one of those rare success stories of a show that started small in an Off-Broadway theater, then went on to achieve greatness on Broadway (even beating out the musical behemoth Wicked for the Best Musical Tony in 2004). Seeing as it’s formatted like an episode of Sesame Street for adults, it seems appropriate to share the lessons I learned from Avenue Q:

* It’s OK to wonder what I’m supposed to do with a B.A. in English.

* Women of all ages, and even those made out of felt, wonder whether a guy likes them likes them, or just plain likes them.

* If everyone could just admit that they’re a little bit racist, it would be so much easier for us all to get along.

* I’m not alone in getting a schadenfreudic thrill from letting the elevator doors close on someone who’s running to catch it.

* It’s OK to sometimes wish you could go back to the life you had in college, as long as you eventually realize what a loser you would be going to college at your age.

* Saying you have a girlfriend in Canada is a lie told not just by straight men.

* The Internet is now, and will always be, for porn.

Photo © Carol Rosegg

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