Friday, November 20, 2009

Quest for the Best: Street Sweets Review

Location: Varies. Follow them on Twitter for up to date info on where they’re at.

Website: Official Street Sweets site

Price: Around $2 per treat

Atmosphere: Street-tastic. But their blue truck is adorable; one of the best street food trucks I’ve seen.

My Review: Another day, another dollar lost to a truck offering me freshly made baked goods. Sometimes I wonder if I would be sensible enough to say “no” to a guy in a windowless van offering me free candy.

The Street Sweets truck offers a lot of breakfast options; muffins galore, quiches, yogurt, coffees and teas, and croissants with your choice of fillings—just let them know what you want, and they’ll stuff your croissant for you while you wait (it’s not as dirty as I just made it sound). If you’re into savory and more health-conscious flavors, there’s spinach and ham & cheese. If you’re a sugar addict like me, there are a ton of sweet pastry fillings to choose from, like Nutella, almond butter, peanut butter, and chocolate cream. I went with a marshmallow cream filling, hoping it would be like marshmallow fluff. The filling they used was a bit runnier than fluff, and naturally turned my hands, face, and everything within a foot of me into a sticky mess. It felt like being in elementary school again, in the best possible way.

As for their dessert options, there are many, and everything is made with all natural ingredients, so if you’re the type to feel guilty about snacking, you can feel a modicum less so. There are a variety of cookies, cupcakes, whoopie pies, and brownies to choose from—and with the brownies they ask if you prefer a corner, side, or middle piece, which I love. Their flourless chocolate walnut cookie is a signature treat, and while tasty, it was also a bit bizarre. How you make cookies without flour I don’t know, but the end result comes out almost like fudge rather than cookie-like. The chocolate cookie was incredibly soft, pliable, and sticky, and felt like I could roll it into a chocolate ball if I wanted to. But I ate it like a normal human, and it was deliciously rich in its chocolate goodness and the walnuts added a satisfying crunch.

But the pièce de résistance is Street Sweets’ latest creation which is garnering a lot of attention: The macarella. It’s not an insipid dance craze from the mid-1990s, but a sandwich cookie that consists of two chewy coconut macaroons, flattened, and stuck together with a layer of Nutella. It looks a bit ungainly, since macaroons are meant to be ball-shaped and the flattened version is just odd to see, but when it tastes this good, who gives a crap what it looks like? The macaroons are delicious on their own, and very coconutty—they’re definitely not adding filler ingredients here. But turning them into a sandwich with Nutella was a stroke of brilliance on somebody’s part. The nutty, chocolaty spread works well with the coconut flavor, and they don’t glob it on, so the flavors all complement each other rather than competing against each other. It’s so good, I totally forgive them for giving it a goofy name.

Bottom Line: As far as desserts off the street goes, Street Sweets is a leap above Cupcake Stop and a short step below the Treats Truck (the caramel crème sandwich cookie from the Treats Truck is my new drug of choice). The staff who work in the Street Sweets truck are incredibly nice and accommodating and don’t make you feel like you’re being a pain when ordering one of their custom-built creations. With a wide and varied selection, treats that are both tasty and unique, and a friendly staff, I’ll definitely be visiting their crazy blue truck again soon.

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