Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Attend the NY Premiere of ‘The Song of the Little Road’

*UPDATE* I've been informed that the NY screening may be pushed back from April 8, so I'll post the new date once I hear. In the meantime, you can still get a pair of free tickets at ItsJustMovies.com.


The craft of filmmaking has developed in leaps and bounds over the decades, so it’s sometimes easy to forget just how precarious a process it used to be. Not too long ago reels of highly flammable and easily damaged film were spliced together using a knife and glue, then stored on shelves in canisters where they would proceed to decay. Countless films have been lost in this way before they could make the conversion to digital, and several current filmmakers are determined to stop this from happening.

In the documentary The Song of the Little Road, filmmaker Priyanka Kumar takes a look at the films of renowned Indian writer/director Satyajit Ray, whose best-known work, the “Apu Trilogy,” was nearly lost due to disintegrating film. Modern-day cinema icons Martin Scorsese, Ismail Merchant, and Ravi Shankar provide insight on the importance of film preservation and what goes into creating a masterpiece.

The Song of the Little Road is premiering in New York City on Thursday, April 8 at the Tribeca Cinemas at 7:00, and producer/director Priyanka Kumar will be participating in a Q&A after the film. Advance tickets can be bought online here, or you can win a free pair of tickets over at ItsJustMovies.com. See you there!

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