Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quest for the Best: Mr. Softee Edition

Location: Various trucks throughout NYC

Website: Official Mr. Softee site

Price: Around $3 per ice cream cone

My Review: I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I’ve lived in New York City for nearly five years and only recently had my first ice cream cone from a Mr. Softee truck. What makes this even more pathetic is that every night from March-September, a truck is parked across the street from my apartment, playing that insipid tune that every New Yorker knows (but not every New Yorker knows that there are actually lyrics to the song, and sheet music to be found on the website).

Deciding that five years is long enough to resist the siren song of Mr. Softee, and after constantly hearing about how “so good!” his ice cream is, I broke down and sampled his wares. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from soft serve: cool, creamy, and delicious. Plus with the added convenience of being able to get some on nearly every NYC street corner from when the temperature hits above 60 until the first frost. The flavor options are somewhat limited, but there are plenty of other ice cream places in the city to check out if it’s inventive concoctions you want. But for a simple cold treat on a hot summer day, Mr. Softee is easy to find and always ready to serve.

Bottom Line: Losing my Mr. Softee virginity was definitely more satisfying than losing my actual virginity. A+, would gladly try again.

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