Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pompadour Will Rise Again

Conan O’Brien now has a Twitter account. And as stupid and trivial as Twitter can be most of the time (OK, all of the time), since he’s not allowed to appear on TV until September, this could be a great temporary creative outlet for him. Not to mention a great way to reach out to the thousands of devoted fans who lobbied for him to keep his gig on “The Tonight Show.”

Even if you don’t watch late night TV, there was no avoiding the war that was waging just a few weeks ago, and nearly everyone except David Letterman came out of it a loser: NBC looked like a bunch of clueless morons, O’Brien lost his dream job, and Jay Leno did some serious damage to his “nice guy” image. But despite the whole mess, Leno is reclaiming hosting duties of “The Tonight Show” once the Olympics are over, and the outcome is anyone’s guess. Plenty of people are hoping for a colossal crash and burn, but there are plenty of Leno fans out there who found O’Brien’s brand of humor too irreverent and bizarre (which it is, and that’s why it’s awesome).

Leno can have “The Tonight Show” back for all I care; it was too stifling an environment for O’Brien and I’ve already removed it from my DVR schedule. And I hope O’Brien is enjoying his time off and using it to get his creative juices flowing. I have no doubt that he will be back in the fall with something that would have been deemed too “crazy” for “The Tonight Show.” Until then, I look forward to all the banal things he cares to share on Twitter. And fantasizing about that glorious hair.

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