Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trailer Review: Stolen

Release Date: On IFC On Demand March 3, in select theaters March 12

Website: Official Stolen website

Starring: Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, James Van Der Beek

My Review: Jon Hamm can do drama. Jon Hamm can do comedy. Jon Hamm can do sexy as hell with one hand tied behind his back. But can Jon Hamm do mystery/thriller?

In Stolen, Hamm is Tom, a father whose son has been missing for eight years. In his quest to find his boy, he discovers the buried remains of another boy who died—presumably murdered—around 50 years ago. Out of what either starts as curiosity or a need for a distraction, Tom becomes increasingly obsessed with solving the mystery of the newly discovered, but long dead, boy.

Stolen flashes back and forth in time, allowing glimpses of what happened to the boy 50 years ago, where Josh Lucas plays his father. James Van Der Beek is also there, for one reason or another. But really, who cares? Will Jon Hamm forego the search for his own son in favor of solving a decades-old mystery? And most importantly, will he still look sexy while doing so?!

Would I Pay For It?: Whether I would pay to see Stolen or not is kind of a moot point, since it’s unlikely to be playing in a theater nearby. But I’ll probably rent it eventually, just to see what Hamm brings to the table.

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